Monday, June 16, 2008

zilker zephyr train ride with jonah's lil' buddies

choo chooooooo! all aboard!

zilker park in austin, tx has the coolest little train ride: the zilker zephyr. i mean how could it not be cool with a name like that!? i overheard the conductor/man selling the tickets say that they were worried they might go out of business, but the day we were there, there wasn't an open seat on the whole train. so hopefully it'll be around for a while.

the ride is about 25 minutes through the park. about 15 minutes into it jonah decided he was ready to get off and play. i talked him into staying on board until we got back to the station, but for the entire second half he decided he needed to stand and/or pull things out of the diaper bag. fortunately he managed to hang onto that sippy cup of his for the whole trip.

here's a shot of the engine so you can get a feel for the size of this cute little train

after the train ride we found some shade and sat down for a snack (and lots of cold water) with our friends.

don'cha just wanna scoop all four of these little cuties up into one big giant hug!? oh! i could just squish 'em! these are jonah's friends from our mom's group from church.

don't worry. he's ok. sometimes jonah just needs to take a (literally) 1 second break by laying down very very slowly and carefully so as not to bump his head. then he's off! i managed to catch the half a second where he actually stopped moving. oh, and very conveniently he needed to lay down at the beginning of the ramp of the playground. luckily he did not get stampeded by any of the other hooligans.

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