Tuesday, June 10, 2008

leah (& kaleb)'s baby shower

oh dear sweet kaleb,
you're almost here!
we've had a shower for you,
now you've got all the gear

to arrive in style and comfort,
sweet boy,
with clothes and diapers,
a bumbo and toys.

we can't wait to meet you
cute little one,
your mom's getting bigger
that means you're almost done!

soon the turkey timer will pop,
the contractions will start,
a ride to the hospital,
from mommy's belly you'll depart!

so we pray for health
and safety and joy,
as you prepare to arrive
in our world, little boy!

congratulations leah! we love you, sis!!!

here are a few pictures from leah's shower. you can find the rest here.

great job on hosting the shower, bekah! all of the little details were amazing! and so cute!

i helped with the food. here's my new chocolate fountain getting some good use! =)

cute widdle katarina chocolate face

so appropriate...

super cute diaper cake centerpieces by bekah

everyone adored the cake that my friend erin made. contact me if you'd like her information. she's austin's new ace of cakes! ok, not quite as crazy as duff, but this cake was perfect for our event... and oh so yummy!

i was the baby bingo queen. i had no spaces filled for the longest time and then all of a sudden i was getting every square. i tied with the winner. woo hoo!

baby mama side view. super cute dress, leah! isn't she the most gorgeous prego chicky you've ever seen?!

i think i'm officially using this in all of my advertising...

my sister-in-law bekah, her daughter katarina, new mama leah and my m.i.l. debby

i didn't get the memo about wearing black and white.
but that's ok. i say: dare to be different!

cutie girls!

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