Thursday, June 19, 2008

nakee babies!

we were playing over at cousins kat & carter's house the other night and it came that time in the evening when it was time for a diaper change and pj's for everybody...

nakee babies!!!

it's so cool. they're all just about a year apart. katarina will be 3 in october, jonah will be 2 in september and carter will be 1 in july. and then little mr. kaleb-on-his-way should be zero in july. =)

and i just found this picture of the cousins from back in february at jim & bekah's superbowl party. it's funny how they're in the same order. i guess we're going to have to always keep them in age order from now on. and we'll just add kaleb right onto the end there.

one more. here's me and my boy...

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