Thursday, June 12, 2008

help donate $10,000 toward free mammograms just by clicking

as you might notice way down in my side bar, i have a link to the hunger site and to the breast cancer site. i wanted to point them out today because i'd like to help the breast cancer site reach a special goal they have of 8 million clicks this month.

this website is amazing! the way the site works is you visit the site and click on a button that says "click here to give - it's free". it's free to the clicker. every time you click, sponsors pay for free stuff depending on the cause you're clicking to support.

i discovered this website as i was planning jonah's 1st birthday last year (sept '07). before his party we asked our friends and family to join us in clicking on the site to see how many cups of food we could accumulate and we ended up with 359 cups that were donated. how cool!

ok, so as i said, right now the breast cancer site has a goal of 8 million clicks by the end of june. if they reach that goal, their sponsor bare necessities will donate $10,000 for free mammograms. so please take a few seconds, head over the site, click it today and sign up for the daily reminder. it only takes about 10-20 seconds a day (depending on speed of your connection) to make a difference in the world!


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