Thursday, June 26, 2008

jonah's 2nd haircut

i took jonah over to KAOS (kids are our specialty) in austin yesterday for his 2nd haircut. daddy's out of town so we're surprising him. think he needs a trim much?

jonah got to pick what animal or vehicle he wanted to sit on for his haircut and he chose the brown horsey! and he got to watch the jungle book during his trim. can you tell how much he's concentrating on the movie?

good job holding still, little buddy!

i think he's making a horsey noise here...

very concerned about mowgli

very concerned about the buzzing trimmer. it took him about 2 whole minutes to trust grace to put it on his head. he had to look at it and inspect it carefully. finally grace gave the horsey a buzz so then jonah let her buzz him too. very smart grace! i can tell you've done this before. ;-)

and voila! he's a boy again! grace, you did an awesome job! thanks! and thanks brenda for the recommendation!

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Rachey said...

Jonah, you are soooo handsome! Miss you lots & lots, but I'm so glad your mommy is so wonderful at posting your pics & keeping us up-to-date with how you're growing! Your smiling face always warms my heart!!! Thanks, La La!