Sunday, June 01, 2008

being still is my next move

i went running tonight (a new "hobby" of mine) and this song came on as i was walking my last block home cooling down. you know when you hear a song and it just meets you right where you are. i actually walked up and down the block a couple of times and listened to it twice because it was just really speaking to me.

i decided i need to stop once in a while. be still. sit. listen.

i went on the women's retreat last month and was convicted of this, but i haven't followed through with a regular quite time. sure i read and i write and i go to bible study, but i never really just sit and listen.

being still is my next move. i'll let you know how it goes.

Love Is Looking for You - Warren Barfield

Love is Looking for you - Warren Barfield

Someone's calling your name
But you can't hear a sound
Cause you've allowed the noise to drown it out
Everywhere you go
You're never there
The thought of being afraid
Has you so scared

And all this time you've been looking for love
Love has been looking for you
Being still is your next move
Close your eyes and see the truth
You know that love is looking
Is looking for you
Looking for you

There's only one way
The path there is different for each of us
I don't know what you need
But you need Jesus, yeah
Will you ever learn
It doesn't matter what you know
The less there is of you
The more room there is to grow

Can't you hear Him
Can't you hear Him calling out to you
Can't you feel Him
Can't you feel Him looking for you

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