Tuesday, June 24, 2008

don't have a cow man!

jonah and i went out for ice cream with some friends from our gateway moms group yesterday afternoon. it was sooooo great to see everyone! we haven't seen our regular gang in a few weeks so it was really nice to catch up and let the kids play.

we went to amy's ice cream at the arboretum. the arboretum is an outdoor mall. there's this secret little path that's all covered with plants and there's a stream running under the sidewalks and stuff, and if you follow the staircase down past amy's you find this fun big picnic area with tables and fountains and lots and lots of grass. a surprising amount of grass actually. i thought it would just be dumpsters and back alleys behind the mall, but no. there's a big beautiful park back there.

and the best part... there are cows to climb on! i had no idea what to expect when people were describing this place to me, but it's magical! we loved it!

here are a few pictures of our adventure. you can see the rest here.

say "cookies"!

see! i told ya... cows!


hold onto those ears, jonah boy! how'd you get up there, anyway?


my vegetable house friend

i was so nervous jonah was going to slide right off of this sucker, but he hung on like a champ and gave me a big cheese!

remember how i told you about how jonah just randomly needs to lie down on his back? here we go... on the black cow no less.

i'll take your picture! no, i'll take YOUR picture! ok, how 'bout i'll take your picture taking my picture?

rubbing is racing

the kid's just gotta push stuff. it's jonah's new past time. he loves pushing stuff around. if it has wheels - great! if not - no problem. as long as it's not bolted down he'll push it. make him stop - wait for the tantrum. he could do this all day, folks. i kid you not.


it's the end of the day, i've got cracker crumbs around my mouth, rosy cheeks and my tired eyes on. good times.

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