Friday, June 27, 2008

preach it baby!

jonah, it seems, has become attached to a little bible that he found in nana and papa's office. but not just any bible. it's a spanish version. out of 4 giant bookshelves filled with books, half of them children's book, this is the one he always walks away with. and today i watched him pick it up, open it, say "amem" and close it. he did it a few times.

i was caught between wanting to laugh and having this almost holy moment. like he knows. he's only 21 months and he gets it. because i'm not really sure where he got that... looking at this bible and saying "amem". the only thing i can figure is he has a little "my first bible" and we read it sometimes and it says amen in it. maybe he drew the connection between his "my first bible" and this bible. or maybe (as i'd like to think) it was inspired from above. =)

not only is it in spanish, he's also reading upside-down. impressive, eh?

jonah, what do you want to be when you grow up?

"a missionary in south america"

we'll see... =)

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