Wednesday, June 25, 2008

lucas miller at the cedar park library

we went to a kids program at the cedar park library to see lucas miller, the singing zoologist. yes, you heard me right. a singing zoologist. i don't actually know his credentials. he didn't show us his diploma or anything, but he sings and he knows a lot about animals, so there you go.

the show was really great! lucas was the perfect entertainer for small kids. he was wacky and crazy and made the kids do silly hand motions, so pretty much a huge hit in my circle. yeah, that's how we roll.

here he is singing a variation of the wheels on the bus... "the cow on the bus" reggae style.

here he is showing the kids how to be a turtle...

and when you get scared, you hide in your shell!

hide in your shell, jonah!

now be a snake. don't forget to stick out your tongue because you smell with it.

we love you, miss jane! (miss jane does the regular story time during the week. she's the most awesome librarian we know!)

i think our favorite song was called "send them back to brazil (the fire ant song)". did you know that fire ants came over here to texas on a boat from brazil in the 1930's? anyway, the song was fun because we got to pretend the ants were crawling up our pants and biting us... eye chee wah-wah!

lucas has an educational website called and if you sign up for his email list you get a free download of his song stinkle, stinkle, little skunky. it's super cute!

...tell me why you smell so funky?

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