Wednesday, June 25, 2008

jonah's first movie theater movie!

jonah saw his first movie in a theater today. we found out that the regal theaters have a free family film festival all summer long. so i figured this would be a great (and cheap) way to find out how jonah would do going to a movie.

i wish i would have had my camera to capture his wide-eyed wonder as we walked into the theater. they were playing some cartoons before the show started as we were walking in. it was all i could do to get him to follow me to our seats. he just stood there staring at the huge screen.

we saw the rugrats movie. i didn't care for it, but overall the whole theater going experience was a lot of fun. jonah watched pretty much the whole movie either from his very own big boy booster seat or from my lap. he decided he needed to do a little exploring for a few minutes, but he stayed right by me when i asked him to. a good kid that one is. (thanks God!)

i didn't have my mammah-jamma camera with me for this monumental occasion, but luckily my handy dandy new phone has a camera (with picture mail included) so here we are... practically in the dark. the pre-movie house lights were on, but it was still pretty dark, especially for a camera phone.

when we got home jonah had another first...

his first whole banana in the peel! just like a real monkey!

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