Wednesday, June 25, 2008

how do you pronouce that?

a friend of mine asked me the other day how many words jonah knows and i thought... hmmm, that's a great question! i really don't think i could count at this point. it seems like lately he pretty much tries to pronounce almost every word he hears... some more successfully than others, but still, i gotta give it to him for trying.

but i thought i'd list of few of our favorites, along with my best attempt at spelling them the way that he pronounces them. i should really try to get some of them on video. but that's a whole 'nother project...

this picture just totally cracks me up... the little boy loungin' with his "wah-wer"

here you can see his two favorite can't-sleep-without-'em blue "bips" (blankies). under his right leg is his maroon "nee-no" (dino). under his left leg is "puppy" with a strong high-pitched emphasis on the last syllable. not pictured: "wee-mee" (winnie).


translation: let me hold the camera! sometimes he calls the camera "cheese" and sometimes he says "amra".

look jonah! something shiny!

a big ol' pile of "boops" that are currently residing on jonah's "cheeeear" in his room. seven of them are library "boops". and he's got a "beenk" in his mouth.

more favorites...

  • "a-mem" - after we pray
  • "cooo-kie!" - usually said with much enthusiasm and multiple repetitions
  • "chee-yo" - interchangeable for cheerios and cereal
  • "whopple" - waffle
  • "jduits" - juice
  • "mook" - milk
  • "staaaaar" and "moon" - the pitch goes up at the end of star; he loves spotting stars!
  • for most animals he doesn't say their names except for "daw-dee" which can easily be mistaken for daddy. he usually just signs them or makes their noise. tonight he said "mun-tee" for the first time. usually he just goes "ooh ooh ee ee".
  • "ay-yo" - tomato. this is also what he calls bob from veggie tales as well as red bell peppers.
  • "app-oh" - apple
  • "peeear" and "beeear" sound very similar and are often confused
  • "nana" - banana
  • "moo-er" - more usually with the sign
  • "jacksey" - jonah's best friend jackson
  • "dar-der"/"car-der" - cousin carter
  • "dip do" - thank you
  • "cwock" - clock
  • "hello" - phone
  • "rawk" - frog
  • "be bah! be bah! be bah!" - clean up! clean up! clean up!
  • "gol kerr" - golf club or golf cart. the second word is usually pretty garbled, so it helps when he says this that he picks up whatever he holding and pulls it up over his shoulder and twists back in starting golfer stance.
  • "ree-moh" - remote
  • "go go" - daddy's video games (because the guy in the army game goes "go go go!")
  • "deenst" - dance
  • "pooh. pooh." - just like it sounds but said in this sweet little voice that makes you not mind as much having to handle it
  • stuff he pronounces intelligibly/correctly: uh oh, mommy, mama, dada, nana, papa, holly, CAR (his favorite movie), ball, cracker, cheese, uh uh (no), no
i'm sure i'll think of more later. i'll just have to keep coming back and adding to the list as i think of them.

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