Saturday, June 28, 2008

jonah's 1st tattoo!

jonah and daddy and i went out to the lakeline mall today to get daddy some new sandals. his broke a while back so it was time for some dreaded shopping.

we swung it through jc penney's where they were having a door buster sale and found some cool and comfortable brown sandals for dave for 22 dollars! woo hoo! then we headed to the food court for some lunch to feed the famished troops.

after our favorite orange chicken at panda we poked our noses around the corner and found this cute new little cupcake shop... be my cupcake.

they were having a grand opening cupcake for a dollar thing going on aaaaand... there's was a clown doing balloon animals and face painting! when we asked jonah if he'd like to get winnie on his arm he shouted "wee-mee!" with so much glee you woulda thought he was gonna burst with excitement. he was so good and waited patiently in line (while nibbling on a cupcake with mommy) to see kiwi the clown. (it's a good thing mommy has a camera phone!)

then it was jonah's turn! we plunked him in the seat and he just giggled and giggled and watched in awe as cookie kiwi gave him his first ever tattoo.

hee hee hee! this is so much fun! it's tickley!

ok, are you done yet cookie?

nice! check out that ink, dude!

this new tattoo has given me a boost of testosterone. what can i do that's extra manly? ooh! how 'bout some bull riding!?

...and a quick spin around the mall on the train.

yay! i just figured out how to put our videos on smugmug! so now you can hear that cute little voice of his telling you who's on his arm...

oh, and be sure to catch the part where he puts the lego up to his arm. he uses it like a camera, so if you listen closely you'll be able to hear him say "say cheese". gosh jonah, does someone in your life take a lot of pictures or something?

the end


Kiwi the Clown said...

Hi Jonah's Mommy,
Its me Kiwi the Clown! One of the wonderful ladies from Be My Cupcake came across your blog and sent the link to me. I am so happy I had the priviledge to give Jonah his first painting! He's adorable!

Lisa @ said...

Oh my goodness! I feel like we've been spotted by a celebrity! Thanks Kiwi! We had so much fun that day at the mall! You did such a great job. Jonah literally cried when we had to wash his arm in the bath that night and "We-Me" went away.

If you see this drop me an email at lisa.hackbarth at yahoo about an upcoming birthday party. =)