Monday, September 22, 2008

go-go with dada

here are my tough boys. jonah had just woken up from his nap and had to sit down and put on his headset and get his "go go" controller like his dada.

he calls it "go go" because dave used to have a game where the guys would shout "go! go! go!" all military style. i'm sure you can imagine it.

"i used force push to throw the barrel at that guy! did you see me, dad?! huh?! huh?! did you see me?!"

"ooohhh... i died." so sad...

check out the look on jonah's face on this one. i can't tell if he's thinking "my dad's so cool" or if he's thinking "my dad's a little crazy".

"ah ha ha ha! i'm so cool with my headset on!"

"we're boyz"

"dad, you gotta mute it when you talk to mama about making dinner. we don't want to look like mama's boys."

awe! jonah & dada! =)

10 pounds of dynamite in a 5 pound bag

that's how dave often describes his mom. =)

nana is the principal at a local christian school. the kids adore her. could it be her unapologetic school spirit? i mean how could you not love a face like this?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

friday night :: pizza picnic & movie night

a week ago friday (boy, i've been away a long time, haven't i?) daddy was out of town on business working a vendor show or something like that. so jonah and i decided to have a really fun pizza picnic and movie night. we popped in el dorado from the library and ate cardboard pizza on a big blanket spread out on the floor.

jonah really gets into movies so i usually have more fun watching him than the movie and the other night was no exception. i lost track of how many times he said "uh oh! _________!"

tossin' back a cold one.

woo hoo! what a great date!

Friday, September 05, 2008

stuff to do with toddlers: bubbles! bubbles! bubbles!

oh glorious glorious day! we finally had a day where it wasn't 98 degrees by 9am and we took full advantage!

we went over to jackson's house on wednesday morning and played in the backyard. there was a lovely breeze and i tell you, 83 degrees has never felt better! texas welcomes you fall!!!

lara busted out the bubbles and the boys went to town. well jackson was into them most of the time. jonah on the other hand has never had full reign of his own bubble wand and bottle before so i think he blew bubbles for about 56 minutes of the hour we were outside. there was a brief tee ball intermission, but when sharing was not going his way he went back to the bubbles. and i mean, who can blame him? besides a barrel of monkeys is there anything more fun?

hey, at least he's getting good practice for blowing out his birthday candles at the end of this month!

where's your happy place?

see. breezy.

oh i love when they squat.

"so i went up to the girl and i was like, 'hey baby, do you want to share my fruit snacks? they're nemo.'"

still going...

Monday, September 01, 2008

happy birthday my friend jenn!

dave and i went out last night to celebrate my friend jenn's birthday. we went to this awesome restaurant at the domain called jasper's. i wish i would have remembered to take a picture of the food. it was to die for. lots of fun!

then we went back to jenn & tony's place for cupcakes. dave and i ended up staying pretty late. it was so nice to be out. i think neither of us were in a hurry to get home. it's a small luxury to have a full conversation without being interupted by a short one. we've got to do that more often. (thanks nana & papa for babysitting!)

here are a few of the pictures from our night. the rest are here.

happy birthday, mrs. harrison!!! (it makes me smile so big that my beautiful newlywed friend still giggles and scrunches up her shoulders when you call her that.)

tony, ethan & jenn

me and my handsome hubby

make a wish!

jj & tonia's kids are awesome!!!