Monday, September 01, 2008

happy birthday my friend jenn!

dave and i went out last night to celebrate my friend jenn's birthday. we went to this awesome restaurant at the domain called jasper's. i wish i would have remembered to take a picture of the food. it was to die for. lots of fun!

then we went back to jenn & tony's place for cupcakes. dave and i ended up staying pretty late. it was so nice to be out. i think neither of us were in a hurry to get home. it's a small luxury to have a full conversation without being interupted by a short one. we've got to do that more often. (thanks nana & papa for babysitting!)

here are a few of the pictures from our night. the rest are here.

happy birthday, mrs. harrison!!! (it makes me smile so big that my beautiful newlywed friend still giggles and scrunches up her shoulders when you call her that.)

tony, ethan & jenn

me and my handsome hubby

make a wish!

jj & tonia's kids are awesome!!!

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