Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jonah in May - a month in review

Since I didn't really post anything in May I thought I'd do a quick "month in review" to get us all caught up.

Here's Jonah eating his mirror...

Here's Jonah and mommy at Emily's 7th birthday party...

Recipe for hours of fun: one bink, one baby food container lid and one Dada!

Here's a couple pictures from Mother's Day... Jonah & Kylee with Grandma and me with my Jonah boy...

It was hot out so we let Jonah roll around in his diaper all day, but sometimes it's a droolfest with him, so we put a bib on him. I think he looks like a baby chip n dale dancer with the bib and no shirt... he's as sexy as babies get! And look at that crazy monkey action!

In case you missed the video, Jonah loves to swing!

I just love this picture of curious George... oops, I mean curious Jonah...

My tough guys...

Havin' fun and makin' a mess!

Jonah can stand while holding onto stuff!

Another Jonah first this month... on May 25th Jonah finally ate finger foods and didn't spit them out! Here's a video from a month ago on April 24th, the first time we tried to give him finger food...

Jonah also took his 1st plane ride on May 30th to Austin, TX to visit Dave's family. Here we are at O'Hare airport getting ready to board.

And here's the other things Jonah was doing in May that I don't have pictures or video of:

* He can roll around and scoot backwards
* He loves strings, chords & straps of any kind
* He loves bath time and kicks his feet to splash
* He tries to eat basically anything he can get ahold of
* He can make a clicking noise with his tongue
* He says "mama" and "dada" although we're not sure if he means them as actual words or if he's just babbling

Click here to see Jonah's May photo album.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pure hilarity... if you're not too picky about your comedy

As Jonah sits innocently in his high chair chewing on his baby food container lid two mischievous froggies converse.

This was not planned... as if you couldn't tell.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Babbling baby boy

A month and a half! My how the time flies! Well, we're back! And here's the latest Jonah video. I'll get some more up soon from the time we've missed. What a slacker mommy I am!

Here's Jonah talking/babbling and doing my favorite new thing... he waves at his mouth as he's talking... well it's hard to explain. You'll just have to watch it.