Wednesday, February 27, 2008

text messaging

i've had a bit of a rough week this week (whining, tears, the whole bit... no, i'm actually talking about me, not jonah). i think a lot of it has to do with dave being out of town all last week, home for a day and a half and now gone 6-1/2 days this week. add to the mix jonah being a real stinker (to put it nicely). i mean i guess i don't blame him, he's got an ear infection, is getting 4 incisors at once and his daddy's gone. so not that he doesn't have good reason, but it's still very trying. i also just figured out another variable in the equation. here's a little insight via my text messaging history with dave...

lisa: PS so emotional 4 a reason.
dave: .
lisa: Yep
dave: That makes more sense... Sorry 'bout the visitor =(

i just wanted to share one of my funny little rays of sunshine on this gray cloud of a week. the smiles and hugs between tantrums do help too.

Monday, February 25, 2008


i just finished designing my new postcards. whadayathink?

i think i want to change my business color scheme.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

i can't wait to show this to jonah

oh my goodness does that kid love dogs. i can't wait to show him this video...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

snooty wafflebutt

i thought this was so funny. i just got this in an email from a friend. if you wanna, add a comment with your "new name"...

1. Use the third letter of your first name to determine your new first name:
a = snickle
b = doombah
c = goober
d = cheesey
e = crusty
f = greasy
g = dumbo
h = farcus
i = dorky
j = doofus
k = funky
l = boobie
m = sleezy
n = sloopy
o = fluffy
p = stinky
q = slimy
r = dorfus
s = snooty
t = tootsie
u = dipsy
v = sneezy
w = liver
x = skippy
y = dinky
z = zippy

2. Use the first letter of your last name to determine the first half of your new last name:
a = dippin
b = feather
c = batty
d = burger
e = chicken
f = barffy
g = lizard
h = waffle
i = farkle
j = monkey
k = flippin
l = fricken
m = bubble
n = rhino
o = potty
p = hamster
q = buckle
r = gizzard
s = lickin
t = snickle
u = chuckle
v = pickle
w = hubble
x = dingle
y = gorilla
z = girdle

3. Use the second letter of your last name to determine the second half of your new last name:

a = butt
b = boob
c = face
d = nose
e = hump
f = breath
g = pants
h = shorts
i = lips
j = honker
k = head
l = tush
m = chunks
n = dunkin
o = brains
p = biscuits
q = toes
r = doodle
s = fanny
t = sniffer
u = sprinkles
v = frack
w = squirt
x = humperdinck
y = hiney
z = juice

Monday, February 18, 2008

austin farmers market

i took a little field trip last weekend down to the austin farmers market at 4th and guadalupe with a group of photo mama's that i met online. i had a lot of fun getting out with my camera, seeing the city and meeting some new cool photog friends. here are some of my favorite shots from the day. you can see the rest here.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


dave and milo hit the road tonight for a 5 day business trip. i was so sad to see them go. it's gonna be a long couple of weeks. dave's traveling to dallas tonight and then on to oklahoma for the remainder of the week, returning thursday night. then he leaves again on saturday for wisconsin for training and then directly to atlanta for a regional meeting for the rest of the week.

please pray for me.

well at least i get pictures from this fun little monkey to cheer me up...

apparently dave and milo made a quick stop for food and caffeine before hitting the highway for dallas tonight. WhataMilo!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hackbarth Chicago 2008 Easter Weekend Itinerary

It's official! We booked our tickets for a long Easter weekend visit to Chicago! =D

Here is our tentative itinerary...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Arrive in Chicago (AA flight 346 departing from Austin at 4:00pm; arriving at Chicago O'Hare at 6:45pm)

Friday, March 21, 2008 - Brookfield Zoo
Friday we're going to head to the zoo, hang out with the animals, take lots of pictures and have a marvelous time! Let me know if you'd like to join us and we can meet up! We're planning on getting to the zoo at 10am and we'll probably take off before little Mr. Bundle gets too far past naptime (2pm-ish).

Saturday, March 22, 2008
morning/am - not sure yet
afternoon/pm - hang out at Rachael & Allan's house

Sunday, March 23, 2008 - Easter!
Easter service at Christ Community St. Charles campus
Lunch/afternoon at my family's house

Monday, March 24, 2008
(still open)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Depart from Chicago (AA flight 1545 departing at 12:30pm; arriving at 3:15pm)

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! We can't wait to see everyone!!!

DaisypathVacation Ticker

doesn't this just make you want to move here?

from the academy at austin's website:

Austin is the coolest town in America. Austin is home to 7 area universities, including the University of Texas Longhorns. Austin enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year as well as 175 parks, 23 green belts, and 30 miles of hike and bike trails. It is surrounded by many lakes and rivers that offer everything from lounging waterside in a great restaurant to tubing, boating, or water skiing. Austin is an innovative, trendy, exciting city with a young and creative population. You will find many outdoor and indoor music venues, South by Southwest festival, art festivals, plus a great nightlife that creates our casual and playful nature! This is living life “Austin Style.”

Friday, February 15, 2008

kat's kloset is live!

hey everybody! i have a fun announcement! dave's sister bekah just launched her online children's clothing store... kat's kloset! they carry stylish clothing for your little one.

congratulations bekah & jim! the site looks great! your models are adorable!!!

Here's the web address:

happy valentine's day!

so how was your valentine's day? i hope you had a good one this year. me and my boys did.

jonah made a card for daddy. i only helped a little... he's not so good at the letters just quite yet.

jonah got a 101 dalmations book about a puppy named pepper, which he loooooved.
...and some jungle plates, bowls & a fork & a spoon that he helped pick out from target. very cute. and practical... hey, i gotta get the practical stuff now while i can still get away with it.
at the farmers market last weekend i found the cutest t-shirts for the boys made by a local artist named will heron.
here's the design on dave's shirt. jonah's just has the little burrito... which is just so perfect because when he was a wee little babe we used to call him jonah burrito when he was all papoosed up (some call it "swaddled") in his blanket.
happy valentine's day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

God, how can i impact Zambia?

since we've arrived in austin i've been looking for opportunities to plug in and get connected at our new church. when i heard about the opportunity to serve at world vision's impact AIDS exhibit on gateway's campus i decided to sign up.

i visited the exhibit friday night so that i could have some time to absorb it, and i'm really glad that i did. a quick overview: this is an interactive exhibit. you walk through a large tent wearing a headset which takes you on one of three paths on the journey of one of three children affected by HIV/AIDS. friday night i experienced olivia's story. olivia is a 17 year old young woman who became pregnant after being raped. she contracted HIV and became pregnant again after being raped a second time.

one of the most startling facts that i learned friday was that many africans believe that having sex with a virgin will cure AIDS. this is why education is so important in stopping the spread of AIDS! this was just one of many myths that is actually perpetuating the spreading of HIV/AIDS instead of stopping it. this issue is so complex. i am so grateful that God laid it on my heart to take the time to sit down and learn the facts!

sunday morning i walked in the shoes of little 7 year old beatrice. i listened as beatrice's older sister, who was HIV positive, went into labor and delivered a baby girl: miriam. my nostils filled with the smell of burlap as i stood listening to her tiny newborn baby cry, imagining myself there in the room with them. then something goes wrong. beatrice's sister has died. i soon learn that because her sister was HIV positive none of their relatives will care for the baby. beatrice can't just let that baby be left out to die, so she takes little miriam and for two years the two somehow survive before receiving aid. i truly don't understand how they survived. to be honest i believe it was nothing short of a miracle.

after walking through beatrice's story i volunteered to work in the health clinic. in the exhibit at the end of your journey through each of the stories you arrive in the health clinic to find out if you have contracted HIV. after waiting in the waiting room you approach the window, state your name and receive your test results: positive or negative. i was the one who stamped your hand. you can see photographs of the exhibit (including a couple pictures of me working in the health clinic) on the austin american-statesman newspaper's website. the photographer ralph barrera did an amazing job capturing the experience in photographs.

i was amazed, after some reflection, that even the simple act of doling out a stamp was impactful to me. at first i would say "please state your name". half of the time the visitor would state their own name and i would have to point to their headset and say "no, your character's name". then i realized something. something profound. these were not simply characters. these were real people.

i was also impacted by peoples' reactions to getting their stamp/diagnosis. two of the stories ended in a negative diagnosis; one in a positive. i could tell that not too many people were totally immersed in the story they were following. they were just observing. listening to a story of a "character". i know that's how i went through the first time. i also think it's something we sometimes have to do to protect ourselves emotionally, otherwise it's too painful. it's a protective mechanism. i did see a few people who looked wholly disappointed when they got the big red plus sign on the back of their hand. often they would shake their heads, but not as if to say i'm sad that I have AIDS. it was always a "that's too bad for her" reaction. finally instead of saying "thank you" i started saying "i'm sorry".

the other reactions that really touched me were when i would stamp the back of a person's hand with the black negative sign and they would take a deep breath, a sigh of relief, and their shoulders would relax. that was powerful to me. to see people empathizing with these young people. they're half a world away, but by seeing the AIDS crisis through one pair of eyes instead of just looking at a staggering and unimaginable statistic it brought it home... for them and for me.

after working in the health clinic for a few hours, i headed in for sunday morning service. i was able to catch the end of worship. the message (like they planned it or something) was about serving. at first i was very encouraged. john was sharing some great verses. i'm salt, i'm light, i'm going to feed the hungry, i'm going to visit the prisoners, i have power from the Holy Spirit...

...and then i started becoming overwhelmed by the great need. a need too large for me to bear emotionally. millions are dying every year of starvation and disease. there are thousands in our own country who are in severe poverty. we have it sooooo good. what can i do? what can little ol' me really do to make any kind of impact at all? would it even do any good?

then i remembered something someone told me in the tent. you can make a difference to one. even if i only make one person's life better, i've made one person's life better. a human being. someone who deserves to have their life made better. someone who deserves love.

i took a moment and prayed right then and there: God, what can i do? what should i do? (see the note i wrote to myself during church)

as i listened to the remainder of the message God answered me. "feed the hungry" he told me. gateway is working on putting together some kits to be sent to africa. i can do that. an announcement was made that there will be a mission trip to Zambia in june. i don't know how that fits me and my life right now Lord, but i will pray about it and watch for an opportunity.

john reminded us about the opportunity to sponsor a child through world vision. dave and i have been sponsoring jhonathan from bolivia through food for the hungry for years now and have been so blessed by him, seeing him grow and receiving his letters. in his last letter he asked us when we were going to come and visit. wouldn't that be amazing?

during service i heard the story of one man and his wife who adopted 56 children. no, not sponsoring them from a distance. real life adopting. can you imagine it?

i left church feeling a heavy weight on my shoulders, but also knowing that God would guide me and help me carry that load. in a way i was honored to have it. how will God use me to bless others? isn't it exciting to think about the fact that we get to be a part of what He's doing?!?!


so monday night i'm sitting at the kitchen table having dinner with jonah when dave hands me a letter from our friend brandi. i open it and what's this? brandi is going on a missions trip. can you guess where she's going? i'll give one guess. if you guessed Zambia you'd be correct! (if you don't understand the crazy God-incendenceness of this please refer to four paragraphs up.)

but wait. that's not the best part. i asked dave to pray about how much we should give and God revealed something to both of us at the same time... our old church christ community is just wrapping up their imagine campaign. it began the week of Faith's birth (march of 2005) and went for three years. so if you do the math, that means the weekly amount we had pledged to imagine is now freed up for other things... say to support a mission trip to Zambia! (i can't believe Faith is going to be 3 in less than a month, btw).

wow God. i don't even have the words to express my awe and amazement. i'm speechless actually.

Monday, February 11, 2008

focus people!

ah ha ha ha ha ha! i have to thank my beautiful friend sarah for introducing me to this comical little john mayer focus group video...

Friday, February 08, 2008

Thursday, February 07, 2008

groundhog's day at the cameron park zoo

we celebrated groundhog's day with a trip to the cameron park zoo in waco this year. well, ok, it's not like it was an intentional celebration of phil's big day. we just happened to plan a trip to the zoo that coincided with the furry meteorologist's shadow spotting day.

anyway, i just adore the zoo! we had so much fun! the weather was beautiful and since it's "winter" down here in texas we owned the place. it was great!

we caravaned with jonah's cousins. jonah was getting a little impatient as we waited to hit the road. "let's gooooo people!"
almost there... we made it! weird coloring on this one. hmmm... i'll have to play with it a little, but just wanted to get some pics up father like son...

look jonah! "monkeys!"
some no-look piggy-back shots
the eagles have landed
look dada! big birdies!
squawk! polly want a jacket! squawk!
i know this one isn't totally in focus. it was dark in the aquarium, but it just love the look on jonah's face in this one! he thought the fishies were so cool! i think he was signing "fish" when i took this.
anemone bah-dah-bah-da-da! anemone! bah-dah-bah-da-da! (like the muppets song)
yellow fishie
nemo fishie
scary fishie
see ya later, alligator! after while... you! ok, this had to be one of the coolest things at the zoo. i wish i had a picture from far away. there was this slide that started off outside above the otter display and went down through the water. so from inside the slide tube you could see the otters swimming around next to you and under you. we shoved jonah down the slide (it's not like he didn't want to do it, he just needed a little help getting started), but with his big curious george sneakers on he was going super slow. it was cracking everybody up because he was just inching down. if there were a bunch of other kids waiting to go down it would have been painful, but since there were only like 3 other kids there at the time they were all laughing with us and encouraging jonah to go down.
finally i had to come down after him and kick him out... =)
let's try this again...
mama, help! i'm stuck!
this jaguar was so beautiful! he kept walking back and forth right in front of the glass.
at first jonah would jump every time he walked by and sit back into dave's lap and laugh.
then jonah got braver.then the jaguar got braver. are you lookin' at me, kid?!we just love curious george! see the reflection of the boys in the glass? i love that monkey!
me and the short one marching by the elephants.
awe! a kiss from big sister! (great picture, uncle D!)
timon's brother
yawn! just lion around.
the time soon came when the boys had the need to feed, so we headed off to rudy's.
mmmmm... meat.
katarina was helping mommy get carter to laugh.
what a great day!