Thursday, February 07, 2008

groundhog's day at the cameron park zoo

we celebrated groundhog's day with a trip to the cameron park zoo in waco this year. well, ok, it's not like it was an intentional celebration of phil's big day. we just happened to plan a trip to the zoo that coincided with the furry meteorologist's shadow spotting day.

anyway, i just adore the zoo! we had so much fun! the weather was beautiful and since it's "winter" down here in texas we owned the place. it was great!

we caravaned with jonah's cousins. jonah was getting a little impatient as we waited to hit the road. "let's gooooo people!"
almost there... we made it! weird coloring on this one. hmmm... i'll have to play with it a little, but just wanted to get some pics up father like son...

look jonah! "monkeys!"
some no-look piggy-back shots
the eagles have landed
look dada! big birdies!
squawk! polly want a jacket! squawk!
i know this one isn't totally in focus. it was dark in the aquarium, but it just love the look on jonah's face in this one! he thought the fishies were so cool! i think he was signing "fish" when i took this.
anemone bah-dah-bah-da-da! anemone! bah-dah-bah-da-da! (like the muppets song)
yellow fishie
nemo fishie
scary fishie
see ya later, alligator! after while... you! ok, this had to be one of the coolest things at the zoo. i wish i had a picture from far away. there was this slide that started off outside above the otter display and went down through the water. so from inside the slide tube you could see the otters swimming around next to you and under you. we shoved jonah down the slide (it's not like he didn't want to do it, he just needed a little help getting started), but with his big curious george sneakers on he was going super slow. it was cracking everybody up because he was just inching down. if there were a bunch of other kids waiting to go down it would have been painful, but since there were only like 3 other kids there at the time they were all laughing with us and encouraging jonah to go down.
finally i had to come down after him and kick him out... =)
let's try this again...
mama, help! i'm stuck!
this jaguar was so beautiful! he kept walking back and forth right in front of the glass.
at first jonah would jump every time he walked by and sit back into dave's lap and laugh.
then jonah got braver.then the jaguar got braver. are you lookin' at me, kid?!we just love curious george! see the reflection of the boys in the glass? i love that monkey!
me and the short one marching by the elephants.
awe! a kiss from big sister! (great picture, uncle D!)
timon's brother
yawn! just lion around.
the time soon came when the boys had the need to feed, so we headed off to rudy's.
mmmmm... meat.
katarina was helping mommy get carter to laugh.
what a great day!

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Anonymous said...

GREAT post my friend - you are so stinkin' creative!! I love the slide shots and...lots of other ones too :))) It looks like you all had a great time!! The zoo is SO fun!!! :))) Well, I gotta get back to work and finish up this craziness...we'll chat soon :))