Monday, February 25, 2008


i just finished designing my new postcards. whadayathink?

i think i want to change my business color scheme.


RSR2003 said...

Hi Lisa!!
OOOoooooh...I likey!!! :)) I really really like the colors all together!! Very pleasing to the eye. Just a question - are you looking for cc (contructive critique?)


Lisa said...

Yes please!

RSR2003 said... or would you rather me email you, or on "our page"?? :))))) hope everything's going better...I can totally relate!! Praying for you girl...for peace, and overwhelming calm when you feel like you're going to lose it. I have prayed many undermybreath prayers for strength this week too. ;))

write or call me if you would like - i LOVE to gab when i'm proofing!!

309-678-5770 (although that prob. would be as $ wise...after 7 pm it's free for me to call!! let me know!

{{{Big hugs!!!!!!}}}}
Your friend and sister in Christ,