Wednesday, February 27, 2008

text messaging

i've had a bit of a rough week this week (whining, tears, the whole bit... no, i'm actually talking about me, not jonah). i think a lot of it has to do with dave being out of town all last week, home for a day and a half and now gone 6-1/2 days this week. add to the mix jonah being a real stinker (to put it nicely). i mean i guess i don't blame him, he's got an ear infection, is getting 4 incisors at once and his daddy's gone. so not that he doesn't have good reason, but it's still very trying. i also just figured out another variable in the equation. here's a little insight via my text messaging history with dave...

lisa: PS so emotional 4 a reason.
dave: .
lisa: Yep
dave: That makes more sense... Sorry 'bout the visitor =(

i just wanted to share one of my funny little rays of sunshine on this gray cloud of a week. the smiles and hugs between tantrums do help too.


RSR2003 said...

{{{Big hugs}}} to you today Lisa!! What can I do to help?? Should we start something fun?? I thought about chick flicks, they always make me feel better when I am emotional - like they help me get the cry out ya know?? Steel Magnolias is my personal favorite for that. (Just an idea)...also send me your address on email would ya? :))))

Sarah Anne said...

hahahaha... ok, laughing at the text message, not your week.

Hope things are looking up!