Friday, February 01, 2008

c is for kuh-kuh, that's good enough for me!

just a little something i don't want to forget...

about a week ago jonah figured out the sign for cookie and now it's just about his favorite thing to say/sign. my favorite favorite favorite part is that not only does he sign it, but he also tries to say it. it sounds like two hard "c" sounds... "kuh-kuh". very phlegmy. kinda like when he used to try to say pickle and it would come out p-kuh. very breathy.

i can't help but give him a cookie just because he's so dang cute.

here's a couple pics of my little cookie monster from today at our play group at cousins kat & carter's house...

watching all the kids play in the ball tent
playin' spoons! fee-fie-fiddle-dee-dee!
the crazy part about this picture is that jonah is the baby of the group.
ever since dave's birthday last weekend jonah loves giving hugs. i just caught the tail end of this one with cousin katarina.
he was having a hug-fest running back and forth between dave and i the other day...

a hug for you, dad...
here i come to give you a big giant hug, mama!now another one for dada!and another one for mama!
one more for dada! (gosh, we could do this all day!)

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