Friday, February 01, 2008

storytime at the library

jonah and i had fun singing songs and reading stories at storytime at the library today. thanks T for sharing your pictures with us! A is just about the sweetest little peanut there ever was! the craziest part of today was that we actually ran into not one, but two people that we know when we were at the library. we ran into amy from our wednesday morning Bible study inside. and then on our way out i heard some calling "lisa". i thought "who even knows me here in texas that would be calling out my name?" but sure enough, another lady melissa and her daughter emma were on their way inside for the preschooler's storytime.

everybody: "it's a small world after all..."

which reminds me of this saying that i saw or heard (can't remember) somewhere the other day...

i know it's a small world. i made it. -God

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