Friday, February 15, 2008

happy valentine's day!

so how was your valentine's day? i hope you had a good one this year. me and my boys did.

jonah made a card for daddy. i only helped a little... he's not so good at the letters just quite yet.

jonah got a 101 dalmations book about a puppy named pepper, which he loooooved.
...and some jungle plates, bowls & a fork & a spoon that he helped pick out from target. very cute. and practical... hey, i gotta get the practical stuff now while i can still get away with it.
at the farmers market last weekend i found the cutest t-shirts for the boys made by a local artist named will heron.
here's the design on dave's shirt. jonah's just has the little burrito... which is just so perfect because when he was a wee little babe we used to call him jonah burrito when he was all papoosed up (some call it "swaddled") in his blanket.
happy valentine's day!

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