Wednesday, September 10, 2008

friday night :: pizza picnic & movie night

a week ago friday (boy, i've been away a long time, haven't i?) daddy was out of town on business working a vendor show or something like that. so jonah and i decided to have a really fun pizza picnic and movie night. we popped in el dorado from the library and ate cardboard pizza on a big blanket spread out on the floor.

jonah really gets into movies so i usually have more fun watching him than the movie and the other night was no exception. i lost track of how many times he said "uh oh! _________!"

tossin' back a cold one.

woo hoo! what a great date!

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bballmolly89 said...

Miguel and Tulio faced with an angry bull
Miguel: "uh, any ideas, Tulio???"
Tulio: "uh..yea. him..."
Miguel: "uh huh..."
Tulio: "while i.....RUN!!!"