Friday, June 27, 2008

a quick voicemail message from my best friend

hi lala! good morning! it's friday. it's 8:50 and i'm on my way to work. i didn't want to call too early. i didn't want to wake you or jonah up. um so maybe you're still sleeping. maybe you're having a little breakfast. banana. nana has a banana. uh anyway! i uh had the baseball game, then we ran into target, then jake, zack and i had dinner at panera and guess what!? there's a big sign at the cash register (i hope you have panera in texas) and it says "it's back!" um, mozzarella & tomato salad! i know that was your favorite. so and hopefully the tomatoes are edible because if you got that salad and it didn't have the tomatoes then you'd just been eating some cheese which, i like to eat mozzarella cheese, but then you could just get some string cheese so i don't know. anyway i was very excited about that so yeah then we had some dinner, then we got home, then we all had to take showers, and bed, it was 10 o'clock at night and i was passing out asleep and i uh i even got a cup of coffee at panera so i don't know why i was so tired but i think i need to like get up and jog in the mornings or something. i need to get more energy somehow. anyway so i thought i'd try you this morning so whenever you get a chance if uh you have a moment give me a call back. i uh will probably be at work in about 10 minutes or so. it gets a little crazy right in the morning so if uh maybe a little bit early afternoon or afternoon or late afternoon. jake's got a game today at 6pm then so we'll be going home for pizza night friday night pizza night awesome. ok girlfriend if i don't talk to you have a wonderful day and an awesome weekend and we'll talk to you soon. tell jonah i said hi. thanks. bye.

this message from rachael just totally cracked me up. we always leave each other messages that are way longer than they should be with tons of extraneous information. it's so fun. it's those silly little things that is like the glue of our relationship. it might seem like silly unimportant rambling to the untrained ear, but the fact that rachael told me about my favorite salad being back at panera just proves her thoughtfulness because that means not only did she see that my favorite salad was back, but more importantly she knew that it's my favorite. and it's great knowing the little things about her day. we used to work together at my uncle's office for like 3 1/2 years, that's how we met and became best girlfriends. besides the actual work that was my favorite job ever because i got to spend 32 hours a week sitting next to rachael.

so that's my lesson for the day. even if it seems mundane, share the "silly" details of your life with your friends. the everyday stuff happens every day and that's the majority of who we are and what our lives are made up of. so if you want to stay tight with someone don't just call them when you've got a big life event, call them when you've got nothin' going on.

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