Monday, June 09, 2008

jonah, We-Me, DAW-ghee and pancake pig

jonah and i went to the cedar park library this morning to sign up for the summer reading program and look who was there!!!

jonah's all-time favorite: We-Me! and his new favorite: DAW-gheeeee!!! (aka. clifford)

could a kid be more excited than this? i don't think so.

excuse me We-Me, i need to give you a kiss.

we-me, you're shorter than i thought you'd be.

say "honey!"
high five, cliffey doggie!

after we'd picked out some books and movies, pancake pig showed up! jonah was not as excited about her. he didn't really want a high five or to stand next to her. when i put him next to her to take his picture he just froze. this was the stance for about 30 seconds. not crying and not making eye contact. just frozen with shoulders tense.

ok, now that the pig left i can get back to enjoying my new favorite friend...

this is probably my most absolute favorite memory from the whole morning. the characters were hanging out in the lobby and kids would come and go, giving hugs and taking pictures with clifford (miss jane told us that winnie and pancake pig needed a hydration break). we were on our way out the door too, but jonah was just loving watching clifford so much that i didn't make him leave. at one point it was just us and clifford in the lobby. jonah kept waving and shrugging his shoulders smiling, and saying "DAW-ghee!!!" and i think because i kept squatting down next to jonah he decided that would be a good viewing angle to see the doggie, too. then clifford squatted down too. jonah kept laughing and looking back and forth from me to clifford. i love the hands on the knees...

thanks cedar park library! you made this kid's day!

the rest of the pics are here.

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Anonymous said...

I KNEW these would be good!! He's getting SO big Lisa!! Great post! :)