Saturday, January 19, 2008

week 5: around the house

i've been terrible about keeping up with my 365 project, so instead of just quitting i've decided to turn it into a 3 photos a week project. more manageable that way i think and that way i don't come to view it as a chore, but instead something that's just fun and relaxing. less pressure. i'm hard on myself about enough stuff as it is.

so the other day i just took a little wander around the house while jonah was napping and got some shots of some of my everyday world. i realize this is more than 3, but i had some catching up to do. plus i started having fun and couldn't narrow it down.

so without further ado, i bring you week 5...

i call this one "we're gonna need a new blender".

here's the palm tree from the front yard. probably one of the biggest "culture shock" things about moving to texas for me besides the weather is that i always just think of palm trees as being in places that you visit on tropical vacations... not in your own front yard. so when dave and i finally get our own house we decided we're going to put some palm trees in our backyard to make it our own little tropical getaway that we can visit whenever we need to "get away". is it just me, or does looking at palm trees make you want to have a drink with a little paper umbrella?
some cute little berries that live on the bushes in front of the house.
this is a shot of the iron table on the front porch, looking straight down.
my sentiments exactly...
a cool Christmas planter my mother-in-law received a big giant red poinsettia in
coo-coo! this clock is ummm, what's the word? rustic? vintage? annoying? yeah. so funny story. this clock was not wound or running when we arrived at the inlaw's house many weeks ago. there it sat all quiet and vintage-y looking. it's kinda cute. it's fine. and then. a few days later. the house was all quiet. i was sitting working at my computer one night when all of a sudden, yes count them with me... coo-coo. coo-coo. coo-coo. coo-coo. coo-coo. coo-coo. coo-coo. coo-coo. coo-coo. coo-coo. coo-coo. let's just say by that 11th coo-coo i was a little well... coo-coo. after the austin peace talks of 2007 we convinced the owners to not wind the clock anymore... i mean sure it's cute and all, but you know, for jonah's sake. we wouldn't want to wake a sleeping baby after all.
i found these shoes in the clearance rack at the outlet mall for jonah for Christmas. i'm so in love with them. so camo! so tough! ahhh, his first chucks. mine were maroon low-tops.
and last... little mr. happy froggy in jonah's tub.

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