Saturday, January 26, 2008

overlooked - subject one - coffee mug (take two)

if you've been following my blog you may have seen my last entry about this project. well i was so caught up in the idea that it had to be an actual coffee mug that i completely missed the fact (or overlooked if you will) that "my coffee" is actually diet cherry coke (or anything similar), so this picture actually would have been more appropriate for me...

every day, before noon, without fail i drink one diet cherry cola product. i'm not picky about the brand. i'm not really even sure what the difference is between coca-cola cherry zero and diet cherry coke. i'll also take a diet wild cherry pepsi. i'm not picky. whatever's on sale and in stock really.

so why are there 4 cans in the photo, you ask. because i'm lazy that's why. and so they're still sitting on my desk from the past three days. i'm going to stop procrastinating... tomorrow.

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