Tuesday, January 22, 2008

overlooked - subject one - coffee mug

i just discovered this fun new blog... overlooked. here's my entry for the first subject. it's a picture of my favorite "coffee" mug.

well, since i'm not a coffee drinker i went for a tea theme instead. my favorite tea is tazo's calm tea. i probably drank 10 gallons of it when i was sick over the past couple weeks. it felt so good on my sore froat.

i'm really looking forward to participating in this overlooked project. every three weeks there will be a new theme. it's always going to be common everyday items that reside in your regular everyday world. i like the idea of capturing the boring old ordinary stuff around me to be able to look back on and say that's who i was at that point in time. i'm thinking about snapping a few pics of my MESSY desk in a minute. maybe having to record the "ordinary" around me will make me clean up a little more often after i'm forced to get nostalgic with my clutter.

anyway, for this project the first week you're supposed to "snap it" or take a picture of said item. then the second week you're supposed to "jot it" or write down the story behind the object. so here's the story of my favoritest big red mug....

when i worked at aramark we used to get oodles of goodies for free from our vendors (hershey's vendor visit day was always my fav). i worked in the vending and office coffee division... yes, a non-coffee drinker working for a coffee company. that always made people scratch their heads. anyway, if i remember correctly i got this mug when our starbucks rep came in for a visit. i didn't even think anything of the mug and had it shoved in a drawer until my friend leslie started asking where she could get more. she was just so in love with her starbucks mug she wanted to outfit her whole kitchen with them. it got me thinking "what's the big whoop about that mug". so i tried it, and low-and-behold... i discovered for myself its fabulousness. ever since then i always reach for this oversized dark red starbucks mug first whenever i'm in the mood for a hot beverage. and yes, i do search the dishwasher if it's not in the cupboard. i think it's the nice rubbery handle. it doesn't get too hot. and the size. gotta love quantity... especially when it's filled with hot chocolate!

the end.

oh, p.s. the coffee stain was a part of the creative challenge for the week... make a coffee ring directly on your project. so it's digital. so sue me.

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