Monday, January 21, 2008

milo's 1st business trip

have you seen that oh-so-cute at&t commercial where the dad goes on a business trip and he takes a little stuffed animal with him and sends pictures to his wife and kid of the stuffed animal like on the taxi cab and on the conference table and then somewhere in the city where he's at and then :::awe!::: in front of his own house and that's how his kid knows that he's home!?

well guess who stole the idea? yup, that's right... we did!

dave took off for a 5 day trip :::ugh!::: to oklahoma today. he left at about 5:30pm (sunday) and he'll be back thursday evening. so he took jonah's little milo the monkey as his little traveling buddy. i guess they made it to the hotel ok...

you're so fun, daddy!

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