Tuesday, January 29, 2008

[d]'s 32nd birthday

happy birthday to you!
happy birthday to you!
happy birthday dear hubby!
happy birthday to you!
...and many mooooooore!!!

here he is. the birthday boy. the big 3-2.
dressed like twins... a daddy birthday tradition.
here they are a year ago today... who's that bald little baby?
get in ma belly!aunt bekah & cousin carter
weeee! kat looooved the big slide!
so did jonah!
so did madyson. =)
hi mom! we're going down the slide again!
diddle diddle diddle (that's how jonah says tickle)
what a big girl!
auntie leah and little mr. carter man... there's that smile!
in my mind i see this picture in slow motion with really tough music playing... bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do...
me and my little mister.
airplane! this was so funny. at first jonah heard the airplane and was signing airplane, but he didn't see it until dave grabbed his cute little head and pointed it up towards the sky. you could just see the moment he actually spotted it. it went from like "yeah, yeah, yeah here's how you sign airplaine, big whoop" to "hey! there it is!" you could just see the little lightbulb go on. it was so cool and funny. i love those moments!
and now comes the time in the show where all the kids try to avoid capture so they don't have to go to the car. can you see uncle jim wrangling kat in the background? run away! every baby for himself!
jonah and his favorite friend madyson on the way back to the car.
i made dinner for dave and his family (with lots of help - thanks scott & everyone). we grilled out, had some tortellini salad (yum) and these most awesomest appetizers that i found on the kraft foods website. they're called savory parmesan bites and if you are ever looking for a crowd-pleasing appetizer you've got to try these. they're made with my favorite pilsbury dinner rolls, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, red pepper and parsley. we also added a little garlic, diced pepperoncinis and some jarred mushroom and let me tell you, these have got to be one of my all-time favorite apps. my mouth is watering as i type. i'm thinking about making a batch just to have as a snack for myself. here's the picture from the website. delish!
grillin' and chillin'. gotta love 68 degrees for a good ol' birthday cookout. thanks for cooking your own dinner, honey (and everyone else's). you have such a servant's heart and i love you for that.
nice sausage, honey... uh, i mean brat. ;o)
i wish i'd gotten a picture of it, but i also wanted to thank uncle jim for making the from scratch german chocolate cake. it was excellent!

happy birthday, my wonderful hubby! i'm so blessed because you're in my life. i hope you had a great day!
no, your eyes do not deceive you. i made [d] a giant handmade card that's bigger than his xbox. ok... not really. it's a mini xbox gift card holder. isn't that sa-weet! (rach & al - great minds think alike!)

see the rest of the pictures from [d]'s big day here.

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