Friday, January 04, 2008

i've fallen off the wagon

so in case you've been following, i recently started a 365 project on my 30th birthday (december 12th). well, i must admit i've completely fallen off the wagon. i had the greatest of intentions to stay on track with this project, but i am totally a butterfly... i flit.

long term projects + me = oil + water

so, i'm going to add some random pictures that i've taken over the past few months in order to get caught up. i refuse to give up or let this get me off track. i'm tired of starting projects and not finishing them! 2008 is going to be the year of finishing projects that i have started!

here's the list i have going so far. i'll probably think of more.

  • finish jonah's christmas present framed name project. it's all designed. i just have to glue everything down.
  • finish all of the books that have bookmarks in them half-way through. there are probably at least 8 or 9 of them.
  • design and order Faith's marker. i mean the poor kid's going to be 3 on march 7th. can you believe it?! i'd like to at least get it ordered by her birthday. the problem is i don't like any of the cheesy markers that are out there, so i found this place that does custom children's markers. now i just have to design it.
  • get organized financially and stick with it. our financial records for 2007 are pure chaos. tax season should be fun this year! especially with me having my own business, dave being on unemployment for a couple months and moving to a new state (i heard that you can write off moving expenses).
  • get and keep my photographs organized and backed up on a regular basis. i also have to back up all of our pictures from our old laptop. i'm working on cleaning off my old work laptop right now so i can send that back tomorrow.
well, that's all i can think of for now. i'm sure i'll find other things that need to get finished that i've been procrastinating on.

i just had lunch with my new friend kelly, who btw i met at chuy's. she was our waitress. we just got to talking, she's new to austin too so we decided to get together for lunch the other day. i'm so excited to be meeting new friends down here! anyway, she does this thing every month where she writes down 10 goals for herself. i loooove that idea! it makes it a manageable time frame. a year seems so looong and easy to put stuff off, but a month... it's not too short, but not too long. so let's see? 10 things i want to do this month...
  1. well i already know that i want to focus on being more positive - mentally and verbally.
  2. get into God's word... at least 5 minutes a day.
  3. take a picture every day.
  4. put all of my laundry away - i know this seems weird, but we've been living with our in-laws since we moved to austin and my closet is in jonah's room. i just haven't made the time to organize all of my clothes yet, so i've been living out of 1 dressing and laundry baskets. it's time for that to end.
  5. finish gluing jonah's framed name project.
  6. start working on designing Faith's marker.
  7. walk 5 times a week - i've been procrastinating working out. i have so much free time every day, why do i never do it?
  8. get back to having date night with dave on friday nights. we haven't done that in so long. now that we have built-in babysitters we should start that again. we need some more romance.
  9. join a community group.
  10. get my financial records in order.
i'll keep you posted on how i'm doing. =)

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