Sunday, January 06, 2008

january: 10 goals

so how am i doing so far on my 10 goals for january?

1. being more positive - could be better, but at least i'm more conscientious of it. so after i say something negative i think "bad girl!"

2. get into God's word - didn't do it saturday. went to church today and had a great conversation with dave based on the message today about not worrying and how we're supposed to act like kids when it comes to trusting God (more on that later).

3. take a picture every day - i'm back on track

4. put all of my laundry away, 5. finish gluing jonah's framed name project, 6. start working on designing Faith's marker - none of these yet

7. walk 5 times a week - went to the park yesterday, but took it easy because dave's still on the mend. i didn't go today and now i'm regretting it because i think i'm starting to get sick. ugh! i hope not!

8. date night with the hubs on friday nights - we stayed in and watched stand up comedy on friday. that counts!

9. join a community group - not yet, but i did sign up today to be a volunteer for the austin viewing of World Vision's Impact AIDS Exhibit that is being hosted at gateway. i'm hoping this will be a good way to connect with some folks at gateway.

10. get my financial records in order - i made a shoe box for 2008 receipts. it's a start i guess.

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