Tuesday, January 15, 2008

popcorn with Jesus

i hope someday when we get to heaven, we get to sit down in a big comfy overstuffed couch with a big giant buttery bowl of popcorn and watch our lives on dvd with Jesus sitting beside us commentating and bringing it all together.

i especially want to see the dvd of me kicking dave off of the swingset when we're kids. we went to school right next door to each other and the kids from his school always played on our playground 'cause it was cooler than theirs, so when we'd come out for recess we'd always come kick them all off of our playground. i totally know when we were kids i walked out there wearing my little plaid uniform and with all the sass i could muster i kicked dave off that swingset.

i soooo can't wait to see that!

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