Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the adventures of milo continue

dave and milo head into the home stretch of the oklahoma tour today. they should be home tomorrow God willing... the weather is quite yucky. i think they're calling for slush. at least it's in the 40's today. i hear chicago is in the teens. sorry y'all.

here are some new pics of that wacky little monkey along with commentary from [d]...

milo's packed up & ready to hit the road!milo worked up quite an appetite today!01.23.08
i decided to let milo sleep in today. the poor, little monkey was exhausted!
milo's finally awake and he decided he wanted to dress like me. . . crazy monkey!
Milo's restless & goofin' around in OKC before we head back to Tulsa.
I decided to let Milo drive for a while so I could take a nap.

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