Friday, October 31, 2008

my big little brother's senior pictures

when we were in town in september i did senior pictures for my little brother, who is about a foot taller than me, hence "big little brother". all of my siblings are taller than me actually. that's ok. i don't mind being average... ::sigh::

isn't he cute?! (sorry tony)

we kept finding these stenciled spray painted bunnies everywhere around the park. apparently geneva is so quaint that even their vandalism is cute and fluffy.

ok, i can tell your cheeks are getting tired of smiling. make a funny face, tony.

there we go.

so manly.

did i mention he's got a good sense of humor, ladies?

and here's our aviators ad...

i think this one's my favorite.

this one's for my mom. that's the bi-centennial time capsule behind tony (well i can't remember the exact amount of years, but geneva did it for one of their big city anniversaries). we put stuff in there when i was a kid.

congratulations tiger! we love you!

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