Monday, November 03, 2008

melanie & jake plus jenna

last week i posted the photos from melanie & jake's wedding reception. well yesterday we were finally able to get together and shoot their family wedding session. (jenna wasn't able to make it to the reception because she had to take a trip to the ER on the day of their reception, poor girl).

we had a gorgeous afternoon for a photo shoot! i'm still not used to this whole texas it's nice out in november thing. since melanie & jake had their reception at twin creeks country club, the club let us go out and do their pictures on the course. awesome plan!

here's the gorgeous bride & groom...

once we finally got jenna into her dress (we had to bribe her with getting to go for a ride in a golf cart). we weren't sure if she was going to cooperate, but once she warmed up (and had a little halloween candy), ahhh... what a sweetheart!

you know when little kids think the simplest things are funny and you just do it over and over hoping for that adorable smile and giggle and you just keep on doing it until it wears off? well, thankfully we discovered that jenna's tickle bone was triggered by "where is thumbkin" and it worked like a champ all afternoon!

c'mon mom & dad! hop in. i'm drivin'!

wiggle kisses! one for mommy...

and one for daddy...

and lovin' the love from everybody!

here's our big bonding moment, jenna and me. i was trying to get her to stand out in front of mom and dad by herself. so i gave her some candy and ended up inventing a game called "stomp the sucker". here are the rules: i throw a sucker on the ground and you try to stomp on it. so fun! you should try it at your next party.

it didn't work for very long. but just long enough.

crazy girls!

this smile thanks to mr. thumbkin who just happened to be hiding in my pocket of all places!

riding off into the sunset...

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kimberly said...

You got some great images here! Congrats.