Wednesday, November 19, 2008

we're goin' to d & b, cha!

last week we went to dave & buster's for some small group bonding and dinner. silly me forgot to get a picture of our small group. doh! it was one of those days.

but i did manage to capture some fun pics of jonah on his first, no make that second trip to dave & busters. i forgot we were there in april 2007 for our friend allan's birthday party. do baby heads get any rounder than this? seriously.

ok, so following are some pictures of jonah's second trip to dave & buster's... but his first trip where he actually got to play games.

here's our favorite get-the-song-stuck-in-your-head-all-week game: colorama! hopefully this isn't the beginning of a gambling addiction. jonah actually picked a winner on one of his spins. go green! big money! no whammie!

scott's daughter madyson also won big! =)

we found this game that jonah loved! it involved sticking a coin in the slot and trying to get it to roll into the back of a dump truck. jonah's favorite part: he thought all the trucks were Mack from the movie Cars.

carefully putting the coin in the slot... this was the challenging part of the game for the 2 year old.

then watching the coin roll into the trucks. oooooooooh!!!

did i make it?!

such sweet fascination. kids make all things new & fun & exciting.

in this game you try to get the coin to go into choo choo cars, which looked awefully similar to thomas and friends, so this was another big winner with our two year old crowd.

a view from the other side

leah and madyson playing a little skee ball

here's what cute little madyson got with her big ticket winnings!

i almost forgot... jonah got a d&b basketball and a frisbee with his mack & choo-choo game tickets. (oh, and daddy helped just a wee bit).

male bonding



Rachey said...

Sham-Cha-Wow! Looks like everyone had a great time, especially the two-year old. What did Jonah get with his tickets???

Rachael said...

Where's the pic's of Lisa playing basketball?