Saturday, November 08, 2008

dinoland at zilker botanical garden

yay for fridays with daddy! we all went to the zilker botanical garden with some friends on friday to see the dinoland exhibit. it was so much fun!

here we all are minus daddy. somebody had to take the picture. =)

we were sure k's bright green shoes left the green dino tracks on the sidewalk on the way to the exhibit.

jonah could not WAIT to see the "nenos!"

oh and btw, he can say "di" and "no", but for some reason he can't/won't say them together. go figure.

they had these really cool dinos all around the park that different classes and groups painted and decorated. this was my favorite one.

this was the first giant dino we saw. jonah loved it! hey, outta the way, dude.

we were so psyched that daddy could come with us!



i love this picture. look how fascinated jonah is and daddy just enjoying the moment.

here's what they're looking at. two dinos squaring off to fight. one's a carnivore; one's an omnivore.

k had to explain to t that the dinos weren't really going to fight before our eyes. the tour guide at the last dino said there were two dinos up ahead getting ready to fight. i think he might have thought we were really going to see a show.

the boys checkin' out the birdie nenos.

jonah brought his own nenos from home.


look at this neno, mama!

jonah sees the little dino in the egg: "baby neno."

then he points at the large dino: "mama neno."

telling the really sweet volunteer about his dino adventure today.

we should go see this one next, guys.

a little dinosaur statue humor for your face...

no fear. check out my neno, neno!

a dino with a message on our way out.

mad we had to leave.

really mad actually.

ok, don't be confused. after the nenos we went to see the nemos. jonah calls all fish nemo. even if they're not orange.

i know you're thinking "5 bucks that dino takes a nose dive into the water". but no. that kid has a death grip on those suckers. (check out the reflection)

awe, don't be coy.

diggin' for dino bones in the sand pit by the pond.

i was at zilker botanical garden. i had to at least get one picture of a flower.

the rest of the photos on smugmug

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Zack's mom said...

SHAM DINO-WOW! Zack & I were checking out the pic's, & he'd ask "Is that dino real?" everytime.