Wednesday, November 05, 2008

we want cake! where's our cake?!

if you're a parent you probably know about the plethora of annoying kids music that oh so easily gets stuck in your head. well i have great news. i found some kids music that doesn't suck. and if it does gets stuck in your head it's ok, because it's awesome.

i used to be a they might be giants fan back in um... high school i think is when i first discovered birdhouse in your soul and istanbul (not constantinople). then just recently i rediscovered them doing kids music and videos on the disney channel. last week i found their new cd/dvd at the library and discovered that they also do the mickey mouse clubhouse theme song and the hotdog song (now this one will get stuck in your head... don't even listen to it!). but i seriously love this cd. and the videos are so cute! here's their youtube channel. they do a friday night podcast and i'm totally subscribing.

oh! ah ha ha!!! i just discovered my new favorite song! ok, i have to admit it's mostly because pirates 4 through 9 are named peggy (which is my mom's name) and "they all only wore one shoe..." oh, my side. aid-ay moi!

ok, just one more. in case you've actually stuck around this long to watch these this song is awesome if you're not in the mood to go to work...

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Rachey said...

SHAM-WOW! That cow in space had an udder helmet!!!