Tuesday, October 28, 2008

melanie & jake

golly, how this month has flown by! i just can't believe it's nearly november. well, back on october 4th i had the honor of photographing a wedding reception for my neighbors melanie & jake. the beautiful bride and groom got married in hawaii and then had their reception back here in austin to celebrate with family and friends.

sadly the day did not go quite as planned. when i got a call from melanie at 3 o'clock in the afternoon on the day of the reception telling me they had to take their daughter into the ER neither of us was sure exactly what would happen or what we should do. so i told melanie that i would go to the reception and at least get pictures of the details and their wedding guests. then we'd just plan a separate photo shoot with the three of them, melanie, jake and jenna, once jenna was feeling better. (jenna, btw is great and healthy now, she just had a nasty little bug and was dehydrated).

thankfully melanie and jake ended up able to come right as dinner was about to be served. so i stuck around to get some fun pictures of the cake cutting and their first dance. and we've got their family wedding session rescheduled for this weekend so we can get some pictures of them in their wedding attire with the adorable miss jenna. but i just thought i'd give a little background as to why melanie wasn't in her wedding dress. after the long day they had they understandably just went home, got dressed and ran over.

but after a day like that all i have to say is melanie, you looked gorgeous! i know it was a crazy day, but i'm so glad you and jake were able to come and enjoy your reception. you both look so happy and in love! i'm so happy for you two! and i'm really excited about your reshoot!

i would describe the details of the reception as elegant hawaiian. the flowers by posh posh designs were just gorgeous (vanessa did the napkins too).

cute little flip flop favors

the cake was amazing! so colorful and fun!

kissing cake topper

the head table

melanie and jake were so cute cutting the cake. they had so much fun with it.

so sweet... and no mess.

the aftermath...

the kids were having fun playing with the lights at the dj table.

first dance.

congratulations melanie & jake! you're a gorgeous couple! best wishes for a long and happy marriage!

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