Thursday, October 16, 2008

you'd think this is all we do around here...

aaaaaand here he is, once again, playing choo choo's. seriously. do we even do anything else around here? ever? apparently october is officially choo choo month in the hackbarth household. either that or it's just the only time i bust out the camera.

"oh, how cute! you're playing with your trains and trucks. let me get another picture."

ok, from here on out no more pictures of jonah with a train in his hand for the rest of the month. i will only take pictures of him when he's involved in other activities in the month of october.

ok, but new and exciting for this week at least is his new ikea floor mat! this thing is so fun! i'll have to get pictures of his new table and chairs tomorrow.
pleashe mama! choo choo's me! pleashe! pleashe! waugh!

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