Tuesday, October 07, 2008

illinois trip - day 8 :: plane ride home

wednesday, october 1

our last day in illinois.

i was sad to leave. i wanted a few more days. we did so much during our 8 day visit, but i feel like it just wasn't enough time. i would have liked to have spent more time with more people.

so i was sad as we headed to the airport. as rachael dropped us off i tried not to cry and succeeded for the most part. it helps when you have to concentrate on things like not getting run over while trying to return a plastic bowling ball and pin that your son swiped to their rightful owner as she pulls out into o'hare traffic. i knew rachael wouldn't care that we had taken them, but to tell you the truth i didn't want to have to figure out where to put them. we were maxed out on luggage as it was.

so we made it from car to airport to check in to our gate and as we sat waiting for our flight (at the wrong gate btw) i decided to snap a few pics of my boy. we found this great little alcove behind a ticket counter that he thought was a fun fort that he could run around in and i was happy that he was trapped. it was brilliant!

admiring the "airpanes"

i have to apologize for the lame sock-sandal combo. it was like 60 degrees in illinois, but i knew it would be like 90 when we got into austin, so before we got off the plane i took his socks off so his sweaty little feet wouldn't be roasting.

and now begins my series of no look shots...

i'm an airpane!

playing with a random piece of the wall that was lying on the floor.

saggy drawers

put your hands where i can see them, punk!

hmmm... what are these?

mama, that's enough pictures!

hey, is that our plane?

no, our plane is at another gate and we're not going to realize it until our plane is almost done boarding, son. oh, and could you go poop in your pants right as we're boarding, too. that would be just super!

don't worry. we made it onto our plane and got jonah's pants changed before we took off. i knew those airplane changing tables were small, but try putting a 34 inch tall 2 year old on one! that would have been a good picture! his feet were like on the ceiling. and when we came out of the bathroom the flight attendant had a worried look on her face and offered me a garbage bag to put his diaper in so it wouldn't stink up the whole plane. it was quite humorous.

jonah did great on the flight. i think everyone that was seated around us was worried as we were boarding because we were in such a rush getting on the plane and jonah was whining (probably had something to do with his diaper situation). but he did great! he was quiet the whole time. he watched movies on his dvd player, read books and played with some of his new toys and choo choo's. he even took about a 45 minute nap!

oh! that reminds me! i have camera phone pictures from our whole trip that i forgot to include on all of my entries! poopers! i'll have to go back and add them. =p

anyway, when we were getting off the plane the people behind us even commented on how good jonah was. it makes a mama proud, jonah boy! great job!

watchin' a movie with my pal, winnie.

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