Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i went to illinois to get a picture of austin

that's right. meet austin. my first four legged client.

and now meet austin's parents, sue and greg. sue is my good friend from back in my aramark days. i was the regional sales coordinator (fancy title, huh?) for aramark's vending and coffee division for a few years before we had our wonderful little bundle of jonah. i really loved that job, and especially the people (i miss you guys!) but when i would cry having to leave jonah with a sitter practically every day, we decided it was time for us to try to figure out a way for me to stay home with him.

anyway, back to my wonderful puppy parents...

i couldn't resist doing my standard kid with the parents heads cut off pose since austin is seriously like their kid.

i didn't realize how much photographing a puppy would be like the same as photographing a 2 year old. although austin, i have to say, you're much better trained than a 2 year old... it's just the trying to get their attention and make them smile part. i think this was the crinkle up the plastic bag and shout "puppy" trick. i tell ya, it was tough, especially considering i don't know how to whistle. yes, folks. that's right. i'm the only person i know who cannot whistle. i used to be able to whistle, but no longer. i'm not sure what happened. many have tried to teach me. many have mocked. but it's just not happening.

wow, what road am i on tonight? tangent lane?

thanks for the nice spotlight lighting in this one, God. =)

so have you ever seen austin powers? remember the part where he's photographing the models and he's like "yes! yes! work it! no! no!" ok, that's totally me during this part of our shoot...

yes. yes...

work it...


no! gross! but um... yes, it's good. but ew!

ok, and for those who don't know me i love animals. i just like them behind glass or bars. not touching me.

phew! that was funny. i think greg and sue were half laughing at the kissing/licking and half laughing at me being grossed out, yet still photographing them.

austin, say "doggie treats!"

so what do you think? should i start advertising as a pet photographer?

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