Sunday, October 26, 2008

this fall's new baby gap model

ok, seriously. holden has to be just about one of the cutest kids i've ever met. i've had the privilege of photographing him three times and i think he gets cuter every time... which i never think is possible, yet he continues to prove me wrong.

i mean look at those beautiful perfect big brown eyes. ::sigh:: my heart is melting...

(this is probably my favorite shot from the shoot)

i met brad and tracy through my wonderful friend jenna. they are both the sweetest families and i wish i lived closer to them both so we could all just hang out all the time.

holden buddy, can you give me a little cheese please?

now how 'bout some big cheese? atta boy!

hey ya pops.

duck chasing intermission. hold please.


oh i just wanna kiss those cheeks!

hmmm... that last one reminds me of something. oh yeah! holden's session at the pumpkin patch last fall!

peek a boo! i see you!

a new take on the feet shot...


hey, watcha lookin' at?

oh. i shoulda known.

a quick stop at the playground...

...and wardrobe change. hey escaper!

hey dude, how old are you?

i totally love tracy's face in this one. they were watching a train go over the train bridge and you can just tell she was whole-heartedly sharing in holden's enthusiasm. super cute moment.

crazy monkey

another playground stop on the way back to the car...

please don't jump and/or fall in. please.

dad, you're brave.

so did you have fun today, holden? hmmm... lemme think...

brad and tracy, thanks so much for letting me spend some time with you and your cute little man while we were in town! i had so much fun photographing you and catching up!


Liz Vincent said...

Hi Lisa,
Just want to say your photographs are BEAUTIFUL. You so manage to capture the perfect moment. Amazing. --Liz

Lisa @ said...

Thank you so much, Liz! I just totally feel like I'm doing what God has made me to do and He is blessing my efforts. Thank you so much for your encouragement! It warms my heart. =)