Thursday, October 02, 2008

illinois trip - day 1 :: airport, grandparents' house, coasters, noes

wednesday, september 24 ~ day 1 of our illinois adventure

we got up bright and early and headed to austin-bergstrom airport for our 10:00am flight to chicago.

ok, we found our gate. now i just need to run off some of this excess energy before we have to sit in our seats for two and a half hours.

whoops. i ran off too much energy. i need a quick break with my brand new cars cup.

that belly looks like it could use some tickles!

i dressed my boys alike in case i lost one of them. i could just point to the one i had and say the other one looks just like him only bigger (or smaller depending on which one i lost).

here's jonah and daddy checking out the very exciting airplanes. jonah was very enthusiastic about getting to ride on a plane. he kept saying "fwy" and pointing up in the sky and flapping his hands like bird wings.

we made it safe and sound to chicago o'hare. jonah did great on the flight. we ate teddy grahams, fruit snacks and crackers with cheese dip and watched movies on daddy's laptop. jonah didn't make a peep until we were taxi'ing into our gate when he decided to scream at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason. "use your airplane voice, jonah."

my bestest friend rachael picked us up from the airport! sooooo good to see her!!!

classic rachael.

grandma was very excited to see jonah boy. here he is playing with his new obnoxious ninja frog. it is pretty funny... and loud.

daddy working on mastering the tower. this toy is from my grandma's house when i was a kid. it's awesome.

cute cousin kylee!

we had ice cream for dessert.

jonah found the mini ice cream scoop magnet on grandma's fridge and an empty bowl and served himself some imaginary ice cream. mmm... low cal.

playin' with uncle jeff

kylee and jonah finding stuff in i spy with grandpa.

now this is a classic gurbal past time... coaster spinning. i am a pro. it takes skill. let me tell ya. it's fun to see how many you can get going at once without a toddler stopping them. that's the challenging part.

ooohhh... whirley...

ooh, there goes one now.

hey, get back here with that! you crazy silly coaster stealing monkey!

rachael and the boys arrive!

i love this girl!

i am so happy i finally captured jonah's surprise face. he's so silly!

playing slinky with jaycob. they would look through each end at each other and then jonah would fall down laughing... over and over again. hee hee.

"tackle him!" don't worry. no 7 year olds were harmed in the taking of this photograph.

zack zack, the lego maniac. there's that smile!

aw! jonah's pals! we've missed you!

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