Monday, October 27, 2008


ok, here's a quick little fun story that i thought you might enjoy...

when i went in to get jonah out of bed this morning i told him it was sunday so we were going to church and he was going to go into kidsquest and play with his friends (i like to give him a little heads up since he's been having separation anxiety lately).

he started saying all these random words: "play... music... two, four... elmer..." (they have a puppet show in there with a puppet named elmer). and then he put the sweetest little casual sentence together that i ever did hear... "jeshush, hep me." i asked "jonah, did you say 'jesus help me'?" and he said (again very casually) "yeah."

jonah's first prayer. i love kidsquest. thank you Jesus! and thank you to all of the folks who work and volunteer in kidsquest. you don't even know the wonders you do for His kingdom in those rooms every single week! God bless you all!

oh, and then after church today i picked jonah up and read the little sticker that was on his arm outloud. "obey God and do His commandments" and when i finished reading jonah goes "amem".

it makes a mama tear up a little.

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