Thursday, July 24, 2008

stuff to do with toddlers: pudding painting

alright! round 2! this activity gets 2 messy thumbs way up!

this week jonah had his friend jackson over for some good ol' yummy messy fun! we busted out a couple cups of chocolate/vanilla pudding and a couple of pages from a big desk calendar (which i picked up for like $2 at the office supply store a couple months ago) and let the boys go to town. i don't know how much actual painting happened once the boys figured out they were allowed to eat the pudding, but nevertheless it was quite fun.

sadly my camera broke last week (i'm sending it in for repairs or replacement... looove the 4 year warranty!) so these pics were taken with my kodak point and shoot. it's good. events like this keep me grateful for having my slr.

we set up the project on the deck (which we figured we could hose off later) and filled the kiddie pool for some easy clean up.


i am the canvas!

i call this one "pudding is yummy in my tummy"

now for a quick dip. ahhh... all clean!

little fishies

nope, not done "painting" just quite yet

i call this one "5 o'clock chocolate"

jonah would not look at the camera and smile the whole morning until this... what a little cheeseball! (there's little lily chillin' in the background).

hmmm... what shall i paint next?

i took some video too. i'll try to get that uploaded and added here some time soon.

peace, love & chocolate!

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Rachey said...

My favorite pic is "5 o'clock chocolate". I'm still laughing!