Tuesday, July 01, 2008

rumor of glory :: august show

my bestest friend jenn's brand new husband tony and jj (my new friend tonia's husband) make up this band called rumor of glory. do i need to draw a diagram? i just realized that was kind of a complex introduction.

anyway, rumor of glory has a show coming up in august. august 1st to be exact. it's at 7pm at gateway. (7104 mcneil dr, austin)

i'm psyched to see them play! i've heard their music and read their story, but there's just something about live music. so rad. i can't wait! if you're in austin you should come check 'em out!
the true story of a son's return to the Father. rumor of glory is a modern day prodigal son story. come witness how being real in the search can change your life.

hear rumor of glory on myspace.

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