Saturday, July 05, 2008

jonah's 1st baseball game :: the round rock express

we went to jonah's 1st baseball game on july 2nd to see the round rock express at the dell diamond. for you illinois folks, it's just like the kane county cougars.

it was pretty sweet because they were having a special deal where they "paid for your gas", so if you brought in this coupon from their website you got $4 off per ticket. which made lawn seats only $2! who could pass that up! so we only paid $4 to get in (jonah was free)...

but then we paid $20 for two hotdogs, a large lemonade and a chicken finger kids meal. does this seem like highway robbery or is it just me?

at least jonah enjoyed his curly fries. and he shared nicely with mommy and dada.

after grabbing some dinner we headed in to find our friends. here's a picture of where we sat. we were in the grassy area behind the blue sign.

and here's the view from our seats

here are the friends we met up with. i originally met kimberly and her boys through my wednesday morning bible study at church. we had a lunch play date earlier in the day, and that's when she told me about the great deal on the tickets. luckily dave was in town, so we decided we'd be spontaneous and take jonah to his first game. hmmm... i wonder what was so interesting on the ground?

here's mason with a mouthful of crackers...

and here's jonah with a mouthful of crackers. hmmm... i'm seeing a theme here.

must have been some good crackers.

oh, here's what mason looks like without a mouthful. cute, huh?

ah... here we are. jonah just needed a good tickle.

jonah was his usual self and didn't really want to sit still much. when we first got there he was really into sitting on the blanket, but once he got a little more accustomed to his surroundings he got the explorer bug. i managed to capture this rare moment where he was sitting down for a water break with one of our free handout water bottles. we must have been one of the first 2,500 through the door. thanks allstate.

on our way out we stopped by the big inflatable slide. here's tucker showing jonah how it's done.

we all waited anxiously, not knowing if jonah would actually make it to the top. luckily the line wasn't too long when he started.
and then we wondered if he'd ever come down.

phew! daddy talked him into it. weeeeeee!

what! we have to go?! nooooooooooo!!! sooooo sad...

despite the sad face at the end there (it was past our bedtime) we really did have a great time at jonah's 1st ballgame! go rr express! choo-choo!

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