Wednesday, July 02, 2008

jonah and his best friend "jacksey"

hey dude, do you wanna come over and play?

yeah! i'll be right over, best friend.

we went and played over at jonah's best friend jackson's house on monday. the boys are only 6 weeks apart (jackson's older) and they have so much fun together! jonah calls jackson "jacksey".

i love this pic!

jacksey has a little 3 month old sister lily. lara was just lifting lily up for a second and jonah totally swooped in and took her spot in the gym. silly jonah! he has this exact same gym at home. i think he thought it was his. we're still learning about sharing and taking turns. =)

lily! you're getting to be such a big girl!

crazy boys! jonah saw jackson climbing up on the bench and leaning on the end table so he had to monkey-see-monkey-do it too.


great smile, buddy!

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